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In January, we sit watching news from the East Coast telling us of record snows in New York City (around 24 inches or so) and wonder to ourselves, “Really?  That’s a record?  Interesting.”  These so-called records that make us mountain dwellers smile remind me of a picture I saw after we in Virginia had our record earthquake a few years back.    Someone had arranged a few plastic lawn chairs on their sides and taken a picture with the caption, “Don’t worry, Virginia!  We’re sending help!  Love, California”

            Many of what we end up calling disasters are largely a matter of perspective, aren’t they?

            I remember that earthquake and I confess it frightened me, feeling the earth shift underneath me as it did.  But Californians were right too: as earthquakes go, it wasn’t much.

            And no one in Buffalo, New York or Minneapolis or or Montana or Canada or, for that matter, the Highland mountains of Virginia was on televison talking about disaster when the January snows came.

   Being ready actually makes it not be a disaster. 

I wonder if that’s how it is with God?  And church?  And prayer?  I suspect so: that spending time being ready, by praying and listening, by meeting together for worship, by focusing on the things of God in the everyday, makes us a little better prepared for when the big stuff comes – which does not mean the big stuff won’t come.  Nor does it mean the big stuff won’t hurt if you go to church.

            In my own life I have found, however, that it does mean I’m a bit better prepared when it does – the big stuff – come, that is.

            Just sayin.



            Yard Sale Collections begin !!!!

            PW’s (Presbyterian Women’s) annual Maple Festival Yard Sale fundraising event has begun -  with collections of all those things, all that stuff, that you no longer want nor need. 

We’ll take anything small enough to fit in a car (except no clothing please). 

A special plea to the fellows to get out in that garage and clear out some of that stuff you’ve been holding onto ‘just in case’ – there’s a guy out there who needs that thing you haven’t used in years. 

Now is the time to let it go and help PW with its many ministries and projects throughout the year.

Bring donations to the church choir room

or call Jean Smith at 396-6192 or Laura LaPrade at 396-3382

to arrange for collection.


 McDowell Presbyterian has a handicapped-accessible rest-room, a ramp for ease of entrance from the

gravel parking lot at the rear of the  building,  and large print bulletins and devotionals.  

Come worship with us:


    Church School: 10:00 a.m.

    Worship Service: 11:15 a.m. 

PLEASE NOTE:worship at  the Headwaters Chapel has been suspended.



Friends  -  Faith  -  Family

McDowell Presbyterian Church




Tues Feb 2   Bible Study at 9.30 a.m. at the Manse

Church clean-up time (volunteers needed!) 11.00 a.m.

Sun Feb 7  - Communion Sunday worship at 11.15 a.m.

Tues Feb 9 - Bible Study

 Church clean-up time (snow day/finish) 11.00 a.m.

Wed Feb 10   Ash Wednesday Services at McDowell at 8.00 a.m.; Noon and 7.00 p.m.

Sat Feb 13 - Presbytery meets

Sun Feb 14 -  Worship

   Session meets following worship

Tues Feb 16 - Presbyterian Women (PW) meet at 10 a.m. at McDowell

Sun Feb 21 - Worship

  Annual Congregational Meeting with pot luck lunch following worship

Tues Feb 23 -  Bible Study

Sun Feb 28 -  Worship
 Annual Congregational  Meeting [snow day]